St Hermans Estate Co Limited
Lower Tye Farm • Copse Lane
• Hayling Island • PO11 0RQ

Registered In England No 421 344

Holiday & Residential Park Operators

Phone: 023 9246 4276 • 023 9246 7843


Residential Park Homes

Fees & Charges

Pitch Fees

There are two rates for pitch fees, depending on whether the park home is a single unit (10’ or 12’ wide) or twin unit (20’ or 22’ wide).

The monthly pitch fees for the year ending 30 September 2019 are as follows:

Single Units - £125.00

Twin Units - £158.50

The above figures include water & sewerage charges.

Almost all of our residents pay their monthly pitch fees by direct debit.

Council Tax

This is payable directly to Havant Borough Council.

All park homes fall into Band A.

The Band A charge for the year ending 31 March 2019 is £1,095.14.


All homes are supplied directly by SSE, but owners are allowed to switch suppliers should they wish.


A few park homes are now connected to mains gas, but the vast majority use LPG, which is supplied to park homes in bottles.

Refills are available from various suppliers on the island and customers have their own account directly with the supplier.

We recommend a long established local agent:

Marty’s Gas

Tel: 023 9246 2026


Park Homes must be insured at all times, with a policy that includes at least £2m public liability cover.

Park Homes are insured on a New For Old basis and we are happy to offer valuation assistance with regards to adequate structure cover.

Residents are free to use any company they wish, but our preferred insurers are:

Tel: 0800 652 4626 / 01422 396 888

Click here for a copy of their brochure and here to see their sample quotes.

Proof of cover must be provided to us upon request.

The ongoing costs involved in owning a park home on St Hermans Estate are shown below.