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Residential Park Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Written Statement & Park Rules

How much commission do you charge on resale?

We charge 10% on the sale price. This is normally paid directly to us by the purchaser, with the balance paid to the vendor.

What does the commission represent?

Commission is not an "estate agency" fee. It is compensation for us having to allow the right of resale of a park home and therefore preventing us from making any other use of our land.

Is the park home connected to mains services?

All park homes are connected to mains electricity, water and sewerage. Gas is supplied in bottles to most homes but a few are connected to natural gas.

Who is responsible for the pitch?

Residents take responsibility for all maintenance, gardening and grass cutting on their own pitches. We are responsible for communal areas, verges and park boundaries.

Are pets allowed on the park?

Residents may bring pets to the park but their guests may not. Pets must be registered at the office and are subject to the conditions of our permission letter.

Where can I find out more about park homes?

The Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (Tel +44 (0)870 1226 236) publishes a free housing booklet Mobile Homes – A Guide For Residents And Site Owners which gives a useful summary of the Mobile Homes Act provisions.

What is a park home?

A permanently sited structure ranging in size (on our park) from 280 sq ft to 880 sq ft, with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedroom(s).

Can I live in a park home all year round?

Yes. All park homes are designed to be occupied all year round and the site licence allows this.

How long can a park home remain on the park?

There is no age limit for park homes on our park.

What type of agreement would I get?

All park home owners have an agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, which contains details of their security of tenure, rights of sale and other rules and obligations relating to their occupation of the home and pitch.

Are there any restrictions on the ages of the residents?

Yes. To be eligible to live at St Hermans residents must be a minimum of fifty-five years old. We reserve the right to waive this rule in exceptional circumstances, but we do not normally approve a sale of a park home to a prospective resident under this age limit. We do not allow children to live at the park under any circumstances.

Are there any other restrictions on the resale of a park home?

No. There are no restrictions on the sale of a park home due either to its age or condition.

What happens when a park home is sold?

The vendor's Mobile Homes Act Agreement is transferred to the purchaser. Otherwise the transaction is just like buying and selling a house, except that there is no conveyancing and therefore it is not normally necessary to use a solicitor.

As a residential park home owner, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Written Statement and you and your guests will have to comply with the Park Rules.