St Hermans Estate Co Limited

Residential Information

Have you thought about your intended use of the park home?

Park Homes are for residential use only; they should not be used as a second / holiday home.

Advice: If you have your own permanent residence and are looking for somewhere to escape to for holidays and breaks, buy a holiday caravan!

Have you researched the park owners and the park?

It is important that you find out as much as you can about the park owners and the park (ie what sort of relationship do the owners have with their customers; have there been any recent problems on the park etc).

Advice: Visit the park on your own and ask the park home owners for their opinions.

What security of tenure will you have?

The law gives a number of rights and protections to park home owners who occupy their home as their only or main residence, if it is situated on a "protected site" (a site where the relevant planning permission or the site licence allows the land to be occupied wholly, or in part, for year-round residential use). These rights include security of tenure, ie the right to keep your home indefinitely on the site, or for as long as the site owner's planning permission or right to the land lasts. If there is a time limit, the site owner must put this in the pitch agreement.

Advice: To ensure that you would be protected by the law, before making any commitment to buy, you should check the park's Site Licence which is issued by the Local Authority to be sure that there are no restrictions.

Will you be comfortable with the annual costs involved?

Once the park home has been purchased, you will be required to pay pitch fees, council tax, park home insurance, electricity and gas.

Advice: Ask the seller for details of the costs involved.


This is general advice that you should consider before you commit to purchasing a park home, whether with us or another park operator.

We would strongly recommend that you visit the UK Government website and read their Buying A Park Home - Fact Sheet and Information For Park Home Residents documents.

If, having done that, you are interested in buying a park home on St Hermans Estate, please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Fees & Charges pages and download sample copies of our Written Statement and Site Rules.

We are also happy to meet you to discuss your situation and answer any other questions that you may have.