Park & Pitch

Maximum Body Length & Width

Caravelle 9

30’0 (9.14m) x 12’0 (3.66m)

Eastoke Farm 18

30’0 (9.14m) x 12’0 (3.66m)

Fleet Farm A64 & E4

30’0 (9.14m) x 12’0 (3.66m)

Fleet Farm E12

* 48’0 (14.63m) x 14’0 (4.27m) *

Fleet Farm E14

* 34’0 (10.37m) x 12’0 (3.66m) *

Fleet Farm E22

* 39’0 (11.89m) x 12’0 (3.66m) *

The Hollies 2


The Hollies 12

* 41’0 (12.50m) x 14’0 (4.27m) *

Buying A Brand New Caravan

Once you have chosen a pitch, the next step is to find a suitably-sized caravan to put on it. Brochures, price lists and website links for all of the major manufacturers are available on our Resources page (you can also visit their websites by clicking on the logos at the bottom of this page).

Caravans are generally longer than they are described, so we have shown the maximum body length and width each pitch can accommodate. You should consult the external dimensions chart in the manufacturer's brochure to select the correct sized model. There will be various lengths displayed, but you are looking for the overall body length including bay window (if applicable); ie the tow bar and roof overhang are not relevant.

Once you have chosen a caravan, the price will be calculated as follows:

  1. The standard model is sold at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price;
  2. Any optional extras you might like (ie central heating, galvanised chassis etc) will be quoted on top; and
  3. We will quote for our caravan (transport, siting, mains connections, stands, steps, gas installation etc) and pitch preparation expenditure. This will vary according to the pitch and work required, but is usually £6,000 for a brand new redeveloped pitch.

Buying A Previously Owned Caravan

Let us know the pitch you are interested in, your requirements and budget and we will try to find you a suitable model.

Ordering Procedure

Whether you are buying a previously owned or brand new model, a £500 deposit will be required to secure the pitch and a further £500 must be paid when the caravan is ordered (the total deposit will become non-refundable at that point). You won’t have to pay us the balance due until the caravan is sited, connected and ready for your use.

A pro-rata pitch fee will also be payable from the completion date.

Park & Pitch

Maximum Body Length & Width

The Hollies 18


The Hollies 30


The Hollies 80


The Hollies 87


Lower Tye Farm 58

32’6 (9.91m) x 12’0 (3.66m)

Sunnymead One 4

29’0 (8.84m) x 13’0 (3.96m)

Sunnymead Too 1

* 25’0 (7.62m) x 14’0 (4.27m) *

Two Acres 27

29’6 (8.99m) x 12’0 (3.66m)

Vacant Pitches

Pitches with dimensions displayed are available to customers wishing to buy a caravan of their own choice.

ALL caravans must be purchased from us (customers are not allowed to source their own models). Pitches marked * have been, or will be, redeveloped for brand new models only. Pitches marked # are only suitable for mirror imaged caravans.

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