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Holiday Caravans

General Information

About Our Parks

Our caravan parks all have their own unique character, with locations as varied as Chichester Harbour waterfront, rural Northney and the tourist area of Sandy Point.

They all benefit from a road (for vehicular access to each pitch) and a dedicated bin area.

Each park is within walking distance of a general convenience store and local pub.

The Holiday Season

Standard Season (1 March - 31 October)

This is available on all of our parks.

Extended Season (1 November - 31 December)

The following nine parks also have an option to extend the season: Caravelle, Cummock, Eastoke Farm, Goose Green, Greenhaven, Seagull, Sunnymead One, Sunnymead Too and Sunnyside.

Customers on these parks must pay an additional fee if they wish to take advantage of this option.

Any visits to the caravan outside of the holiday season must be of short duration, during daylight hours and for maintenance purposes only.

Caravan Sales

The holiday caravans we sell fall into one of three categories:

All caravans currently for sale are advertised in the For Sale section of this website and the relevant holiday licence dates are shown on the “advert” download link for each model.

Before you commit to purchasing a holiday caravan (whether with us or another park operator)

we strongly recommend that you read through our Buyer’s Guide.