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Holiday Caravans

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a caravan remain on the park?

Each caravan has a defined Licence Period, which is recorded in the Holiday Licence Agreement.

What is a Holiday Licence Agreement?

It is a document (click here for a copy) that sets out the terms upon which a caravan owner is entitled to place their caravan on a park. These terms include payment of the pitch fee and other charges, a requirement to insure the caravan and how and when the agreement will come to an end.

Are there any other rules or conditions?

Yes, Park Rules (click here for a copy) are issued by us from time to time. They cover the rules of conduct and practice applicable to the occupation and use of caravans and other facilities at the park.

How long is the Licence Period?

We grant a period of twenty years from the date that the caravan was first bought by a consumer (Date Of First Purchase).

What happens when the Licence Period expires?

The caravan will be removed from the park and either taken away by the owner or sold off-site to a trade buyer. Should the caravan prove un-saleable (too old or deteriorated) we can arrange for it to be scrapped.

Is there an age restriction on the resale of a caravan on the park?

Yes, caravans may only be sold on the park for fifteen years from the Date Of First Purchase. Once this period has lapsed they may be kept on for a further five years (to the end of the Licence Period) but can not be sold or transferred on the park.

What happens when a caravan is resold?

The purchaser is automatically given a new Holiday Licence Agreement for the duration of the remainder of the Licence Period.

When a caravan is resold, who finds a buyer?

We advertise and show caravans to interested parties until a buyer is found. Vendors only need to be present for the actual sale (paperwork and handover).

How much commission do you charge?

We are allowed to charge a maximum of fifteen percent plus VAT on the sale price.

What does the commission represent?

It is our compensation for the pitch being tied up for a further period, preventing us from selling a new caravan.

Can caravans be sublet?

No, but friends and family can use the caravan as long as they do not pay for it.

Are caravans connected to mains services?

All caravans are connected to mains electricity, water and sewerage. LPG gas is supplied in bottles.

How much maintenance is involved?

Other than general cleaning, the only regular maintenance you need to do is to prepare the caravan for winter each winter.

Who is responsible for the pitch?

Caravan owners on all parks (except The Hollies) are responsible for all maintenance, gardening and grass cutting on their own pitches. We look after communal areas, verges and park boundaries.

Are pets allowed on the park?

Caravan owners may bring pets but guests may not. Pets must be registered at the office and are subject to the conditions of our permission letter.

Do I need a TV licence?

No. As long as you have a TV licence at home then you are covered for watching a TV at your caravan (click here to view this ruling).

Before you commit to purchasing a holiday caravan (whether with us or another park operator)

we strongly recommend that you read through our Buyer’s Guide.